Steps on Changing your Business Hours


Login to your Admin Account at

Once logged in you will need to select the Site along the left.

Once that site has loaded, you will see Site Services along the top header. Click on that link.

Once Site Services has loaded there should be a Schedule tab along the left. Click on that link.

There may be multiple Schedules defined depending on your configuration.

The Holiday Schedule will ALWAYS override the Business Hours Schedule.

*Note – For systems that have callers ringing into an Auto-Attendant, know that there are only 2 greeting that can be played. Business Hours and After Hours.

If your organization is going to be closed early one day OR for an entire day, it is recommended that you specify that date/time within the Holiday Schedule. This will override the Business Hours Greeting and play the After Hours Greeting.


Changing Your After Hours Greeting to Specify a Closing Event

From within Site Services you can find the Voice Portal tab along the left. Click on that Link.

From there you can see the number you would dial into. The Voice Portal Extension is the Mailbox ID.

From here you can also specify the Voice Portal Password.

To change your greeting, you must call the Voice Portal Number, Enter the Mailbox ID (Voice Portal Extension) and password. From there you can follow the prompts, pressing 1 to change an Auto-Attendant Greeting and 2 to change the After hours Greeting.