The enhanced Speed Dial functionality in the My Phone portal allows Users to program up to one hundred personal speed dial entries (00 -99) that can be dialed directly from the portal or used on their desk phones.

Speed Dial entries configured in the My Phone My Number portal are automatically accessible on the User’s desk phone. 

To Use a Speed Dial from the phone (or client):

  1. Press the speakerphone button or pick up the handset on your phone.

  2. Press the # key, then the 2-digit Speed Code, and then the # key again (# + SpeedCode + #) 


    To Use a Speed Dial from the My Phone portal :

    1. Select the number you wish to dial.

    2. Click the icon to initiate a click-to-dial call, alerting the primary device and shared locations with alert on click-to-dial calls enabled.