The Cloud PBX dialplan is standardized on 10 digit dialing.  Both 7 digit local and 4 digit extension dialing are supported; however, all devices expect a minimum of 10 digits to be dialed before a call is launched.  This can cause a delay between the time the last digit of a 4 digit or 7 digit number is dialed and the time the call is launched.  This can be avoided by one of the following options:

 enter a # after the 4 digit or 7 digit number to immediately launch the call

 dialing the 4 digit or 7 digit number before the offhooking the phone (if applicable)

Note:  911, 1911, 0911, 411, 1411, and 0411 are not subject to inter-digit timers and will launch immediately after being dialed

For all dialed numbers, including 10 digit numbers, there may be a delay after the call is launched, especially when calling a mobile phone.  This delay is network setup time and will vary depending on the destination network.  When the destination network is a mobile network, the delay is typically 3 to 5 seconds longer than that of non-mobile networks.