When the phone or device in question is taken offhook, no dialtone is played through the handset.


The phone or device must be Registered with the Cloud PBX call control platform for dial tone to become available.  If the device is not Registered, it will not have dialtone.


Verfiy that the device is not REGISTERED through the admin dashboard.  Select the Device Management tab, then the List of Devices tab.  Select the device in question and click on the Device Status button on the bottom left of the screen.  A popup box will appear containing Registration information for the device.

If the device is not Registered, perform the following steps to determine why it is not Registered:

 Verify the device is plugged in and powered on

 Verify the Ethernet cable is properly plugged in to the device

 Verify the Ethernet cable is properly plugged in to an Ethernet switch

 Verify the device has booted up properly and has a valid IP address

 Verify that the site Internet access is available

 Run the LookSee tool to validate all site requirements are met

 Reboot the device by removing and reapplying power and wait for it to fully reboot

If all of the above steps have been successfully performed and the device in question is still not properly registered, or if the device is Registered and there still is no dialtone, contact Cloud PBX TAC for technical assistance.