Auto Attendant greetings are recorded through the Voice Portal by the Voice Portal administrator. 

Note that the Voice Portal user ID for Voice Portal administratoin is either the extension or full 10 digit number of the voice portal itself.  For example, if the voice portal number is 281-555-1234, then voice portal user ID for administration will be either 1234 or 281-555-1234.

 Dial your voice portal number/extension or press the Messages button on your Cloud PBX phone

Note:  the step below will be required when using a Cloud PBX phone since the voice portal will automatically assume the user ID to be the extension of the phone from which the call was placed.  It will not be required if the call is placed from a phone outside of your Cloud PBX service, such as a mobile phone.

 If initially prompted to enter your passcode, press * to return to the enter mail box ID promp

 At the enter mail box ID prompt, enter the Voice Portal extension followed by #

 At the enter passcode prompt, enter the Voice Portal administrator passcode followed by #

 Press 1 to change Auto Attendant greetings

 Press 1 to change the Busineness Hours Auto Attendant Greeting or Press 2 to change the After Hours Auto Attendant Greeting

Follow the audio prompts to complete the process


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