The My Messages section of the My Phone User Portal is an area where Users can access / manage the voicemails and faxes they have received. As this is a shared storage area for voicemails and faxes, Users should be aware that the combined storage limit is approximately 35Mb. This equates to about 100 voicemail minutes or around 100 ea. Ten page faxes

Users should be judicious about archiving important voicemails and faxes to their network storage areas by using the Download Selected option on the right side of the My Messages area. Once Users have successfully archived their voicemails and faxes, they should be deleted from the My Messages area to conserve space.

Other useful information regarding the Cloud PBX system wide voicemail limits:

Time that Voicemails and Faxes can be stored in your mailbox = Unlimited

Longest Voicemail greeting that a User can record = 4 minutes

Longest Voicemail message that can be recorded = 10 minutes

These are hard limits and cannot be changed within the Cloud PBX.