UC-One Communicator Android 22.1 and Push Notifications

The upcoming UC-One Communicator for Android - Mobile and Tablet v 22.1 will only support mode of operation using push notifications for calling and messaging. Not using push notifications is strongly discouraged by Google and is having serious implication on the application operation, reliability and user experience. In order deliver the best application performance to our customers the non-push notifications mode support is officially discontinued starting with the next release v 22.1 of UC-One Communicator mobile and tablet for Android.

All customers that have not deployed Push Notifications and are using the unbranded reference UC-One Communicator client will be affected after the upgrade of the reference client to v 22.1 on the Google Play store.The UC-One Communicator Android clients v 22.1 will require push notifications to be deployed for calling and messaging. This is the only officially supported mode of operation.

While v 22.1 may work without push notifications, this mode is not officially supported and is strongly recommended to deploy push notifications or use the workaround option described below.


The following Android reference clients v22.0 are released as temporary workaround for use without push notifications by customers while push notification deployment is completed.



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