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Reprogram softkey assignments

Admittedly I've not searched the forum for this, but had discussed it with Altus personnel during our 30 intro period on the phones.  During a call, the second softkey button is assigned to "End Call".  However, immediately upon termination of a call, this same softkey switches to DND activation.  No one in our offices uses the DND feature.  However, the placement, and immediacy of the function switch create a number of false/unintended DND activations which can lead to extreme confusion in interoffice calling and incoming call answering.

I am unable to find where this could be deactivated on the myaltus interface for the Company.  

What I would like to happen is Altus provide minor programming features through the company user interface to relocate the DND from the second softkey to the fourth softkey.  On our phones the third and fourth softkey slots are open/unused.  Or provide handset level programming to disable or relocate the DND function from the second softkey location when on hook.

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This is currently not supported in our solution. There is not a way to change the softkey mapping. It would probably be easier for us to disable the DND feature but this is also not currently supported. I will submit a Change request to see if either of your requests can be added by our engineering team.

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