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Is it possible to block a number

We're a commercial enterprise, so we expect a fair number of unwanted calls.  However, the most persistent is a fax autodialer, that in the afternoon, one day per week (Wed. Thurs usually) will continually call 20 - 25 times in a row.  It is extremely interruptive to productivity.  We are unable to send the call to the fax line to try and glean information about the whomever is calling because the fax machine can't "answer" its extension in order for the transfer button to become active.  

Can a number be blocked on the myaltus company portal?

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Hi Aaron, numbers can absolutely be blocked. 

Log in to for whichever end-user account is being called by the fax machine.  Next, go to "My Rules".  Select "Reject Calls" for the rule type from the drop down menu.  Next, click on the small green circular button with the plus sign to add the rule. A window will pop up, and you will need to select the "Following phone numbers" radial button.  Type in the fax machine's number in the space provided near the bottom of the pop up window and click add.   Click save, and you are done.

Hope this helps! 


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